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Sustainable Energy

Quality Environmental Policy

KURODA GROUP works on the following tasks, making it a top priority to earn customer’s trust and satisfaction and making efforts for environmental conservation through business activities.
1. We try to make an aggressive proposal associated with goods and services contributing to customers’ profit by utilizing a global cooperative structure with related companies in domestic and overseas.
2. We aim at stable supply of goods (including but not limited to products and materials etc.) satisfying customers’ quality requirements
3. We make efforts to maintain and enhance partnerships with customers.
4. We make efforts to promote the management of chemical substances in products and improve the environmental quality.
5. We try to reduce environmental impact associated with our business activities and prevent environmental pollution through energy conservation, resource saving, CO2 emission reduction, waste reduction, recycling, Eco-products sales and so on.
6. We promote activities related to biodiversity conservation.
7. We comply with applicable laws and regulations relevant to our business activities as well as customer requirements.
8. We review our quality/environmental management system periodically and improve it continually.
Managers are responsible for widely notifying all employees within the organization of the policy listed above and making it available to relevant interested parties.


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